About Myself

Balkrishna Panchal (daji)

� NAME :- Mr. Balkrishna Vasant Panchal aliased as "Daji"

� DATE OF BIRTH :- 07/04/1951 [ Seventh April Nineteen Fifty One ]
( Place : Katapurwadi, Talgaon, Tal. Malvan, Dist. Sindhudurg )


1) I have learned Modelling & Casting Work from Late Mr. N. L. Sonavadekar.

2) Worked as an assistant with Late Mr. N. L. Sonavadekar in the same Work at
Studio Sonavadekar since last 35 Years (i.e. Since 1972).

3) Now Working independently in the same field at Studio Daji Panchal, Kudal MIDC..

Sculpture Manufacturing Process

Our firm always strives to provide best quality sculptures. Our efforts are always to craft the Statue perfectly as per client's requirement pertaining to the actual dimensions of Statues. Any sculpture is manufactured in such a way that it can sustain in all conditions . We always try to maintain the originality and dignity of the person's or object's
of which the Statue is sculpted.

We use a standard manufacturing process, we start the process by sculpting the Statue first in clay, which is a actual size model of the Statue. Once the clay model is finalized, the same is casted as a master model in Plaster by taking a waste mould out of the clay model. This Plaster Master Model is used for further casting the same statue in Wax by taking a piece mould out of the Master Model.

This Wax Copy of the Statue is then used to cast the same Statue in Bronze (The Lost Wax Process), which includes the following steps :-
• Baking of wax copy mould in a oven (Electrically operated)
• Casting the baked mould in bronze
• Cutting out excess metal runners and risers with power tools
• Metal finishing (Grinding)
• Professional brazing if required
• Final Finishing of Statue
• Acid wash of the Statue
• Oxidizing the Statue (Platina Coating Process)
• Polishing and wax coating to the final metal Statue.

In such a way we do our best efforts to provide premium quality Statues with highest accuracy and good sustainability . This work is done by us always within timelines. We always try to provide such a work that it provides satisfaction to the person who observes it. So " We always try to maintain the originality and dignity of the person's or object's of which the statue is sculpted "

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